Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My Mood...

Just feel like sharing a song which, strange as it sounds, fits my mood at the moment. Enjoy.

Basically I'm complicated
I have a hard time taking the easy way
I wouldn't call it schizophrenia
But I'll be at least 2 people today
If that's okay
And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

It's deep how you can be so shallow
And I'm afraid cause I have no fear
And I didn't believe in magic
Until I watched you disappear
I wish you where here
And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

You see, everybody is somebody
But nobody wants to be themselves
and If I ever wanted to understand me
I'll have to talk to someone else
Cause every little bit helps
And I can go on and on and on... but who cares?

Gnarls Barkley - Who Cares

Monday, 14 September 2009

New kid on the block!

Hello fellow followers...

It's been some time now since I started this page and for reasons unknown I have not continued with it. Which isn't really cool, seeing as I really enjoy reading through other peoples blog pages and reading through their thoughts, opinions and experiences. Now seeing as I spend a bit of my free time doing so, and with the kick up the backside of a few close friends, I decided to update this page and share whats inside this Huge Head... but Small Brain!

OK... so the past few weeks, yours truly has been busy with the dreaded luggage that comes with preparing for university. The paperwork! The registrations! The DAMNED STUDENT LOAN COMPANY!!!! But after many kicks and pushes to the right directions of those close to me... I can safely say.... I'm Ready! 0_O!!

Entering University (again!), a new Class, new classmates... is not something that's new to me, or something that dwells on my mind much... it's just this one particular time... see now I will be entering straight into the 2nd year of my class, which, has made me feel like I was 8 years old again!! Everyone knows the feeling... you graduated from primary school... now entering middle school! (yes I went to a "middle" school)... feelings are THROUGH THE ROOF!... Nervous!... Frightened!... Excited!... Anxious!... Anxious to learn new things, meet new people, see new places, meet new girls... (!!) just generally a new experience.

The reason for my anxiousness is that all the people in that class know each other... none know me!

It has now put me in a bit of a cautious mind frame... Do I behave any different to my quirky self? Do I hold back the sarcastic bitch inside of me? Do I just smile, shut up and sit down and hope to blend in like a shadow to a cold night during these next two years?! Because the truth as we know it is that... I will be under a constant microscope, like the good bacteria that's inside of me! (Yakult!... it's good for you). For the first few weeks/months at least I guess I'll be unwrapped, chewed up and spat out from the fellow aliens I will call my classmates.
But it's all part of the learning curve, and to learn something about somebody, you need that person to be themselves...

I will be the new kid on the block...
I will be the guy with the huge head and the small brain...
I will be myself...
I will be Marmite.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this...

Much love and appreciation!

Now as always I try to put a smile on someones face... I want you to leave this page with food for thought... Ladies... here's some harmless food for thought.... lol

1 of 40 ways women fail men...

Milking a Cow - Don't use the penis as if it's a piece of gym equipment to strengthen the forearms! The male organ is a thing of wonder and beauty and should be worshipped and held tenderly at all times. The sensitive part is at the top... (where the face should be) not two-thirds of the way down....

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Blogging Virgin...

Hello Ladies and Gents,

So this is my first time ''blogging'' and so, for those of you reading this,
I just want to start by saying thank you for doing so, as this whole process is new to me.

OK so to start off, I'll tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm at the tender age of 20 (21 in two weeks!!) which apparently would mean that I
would be at the prime age for hunting females, although I personally think, no matter
what age, your always in your prime.... so long as your mojo functions well, and your spear is sharp, then impossible is nothing! ;)

I'm a student also, meaning that, everyone else who is not one, has a view that were all assholes (but yeah lets face it......... we have it easy)

I am a huge fan of movies, and I also watch anime religiously.... yeah to those who don't watch anime, it might seem slightly childish to sit there and watch a cartoon, but to those who do watch it, will know its much more than that.
I also have a huge love for music, and that's music of all sounds and genres so
If you have any ideas, comments or recommendations on what you like to listen to, let me know, share the love :)
(any discussions or comments on these topics are more than welcome!)

I'll share more about myself as the posts keep on coming, but for now,
I will make a move and leave you with something

People tend to leave quotes, images, songs or something useful they've found to end a topic
However being that this is my first time, I'll leave you with a joke. Hope you find it funny.... o_O

Love, Peace and Safe Sex

An Essex girl goes to the council to register for child benefit.
How many children?" asks the council worker
"10" replies the Essex girl
"10???" says the council worker.. "What are their names?"
"Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne and Wayne"
"Doesn't that get confusing?"
"Naah..." says the Essex girl "its great because if they are out playing in the street I just have to shout WAAYNE, YER DINNER'S READY or WAAYNE GO TO BED NOW and they all do it..."
"What if you want to speak to one individually?" says the perturbed council worker.
"That's easy," says the girl...
"I just use their surnames"